Dead or Alive

my 1992 Saab 900 (140K miles) is cutting out … time to decide whether to fix or kill. I love this car and am not anxious to let it go to a junkyard. The mechanic said it might be the fuel pump but if he fixes that he cannot guarantee it will solve the problem.

Sounds to me like you really gotta make this decision your self. If you love the car and are willing to keep it around and put some money into it than keep it. I have a 1987 VW Fox that I can’t get to start but I love the Fox’s so I’ve been keeping it around.

If you love the car… do what you can to keep it. If you simply can’t afford to repair it and it seems like things keep breaking maybe it is time to let it go. =(

It seems odd to me that the mechanic can’t tell for sure what is wrong with it… maybe get a second opinion?

Did the mechanic do a test of the fuel pump (pressure and volume)? How much is he asking for the work?

You need a mechanic that will test before replacing. It may ultimately turn out to be the fuel pump, but replacing it before testing it is “throwng parts at the problem”. That approach generally ends up costing much more than diagnosing the problem.