Dead Man's Truck - IT'S ALIVE!


Hey Ya’ll -

If you remember my post in early Aug 07 about our 1977 F150 truck, periodic stalling and restarting right away, well here is the final answer. It was the STARTER RELAY all the time. The truck is acting right now - and no exorcism required. Oh, BTW, BIGFOOT is NOT our mechanic, he lives in Northwest U.S. Elvis is our mechanic :slight_smile: Mal in Alabama


Yeah, I remember your original post in which you reported that more than one car “expert” claimed that since it was a dead man’s truck it would never run perfectly again. I couldn’t help thinking, “Are people REALLY that stupid?!”

Well, thanks for the update. No, not about your truck. I’m glad to know Elvis is doing well.


I’d like to know how the starter relay caused a stalling problem?