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Dead digital dash,fuel center,climate control 92 Deville

Car I have owned 9 years without any electrical problems till now. Still drives well with 130,000+. All power functions such as lights,door,radio still work. None of the push botton controls on the fuel center or climate control work. I was driving when it went out and there was a very brief burnt odor.Information center below is still live as is the warning lamps that still all go out after starting. All fuses are ok under hood and both panels under R and L side dash. Have not checked all relays yet. Is there any thing else I could check before checking it in at the nearest dealer?

It sounds like a regulator or something with the panels you mentioned has burned out. There are places you can send these to to have them repaired. I’m sure new ones would cost a lot.

That would seem possible. Both dealers I have stopped at are thowing around replacing the instrument cluster. Hope they can make certain it’s bad before they put a new one in. I’ll at least try to look everything over under the dash. Looking at wiring diaghrams hasn’t given me any clues. Seems like some stuff isn’t even onthere.