Dead battery

car battery die after one day of car not in use

How old is the battery? Either the car has an open circuit and is draining the battery, or you need a new battery, or the alternator isn’t charging the battery.

Have the battery and charging system tested for free at auto parts stores or places that sell batteries.

the battery is about one yr. if i use the car every day it charged .could it be the radio , it goes off and on ,like it reset itself while im driving the car ? is that an open circuit?

I am going to correct "goldwings’ terminology in regards to what drains a battery after the engine is stopped. The correct terminology is “parasitic draw” and the term “open circuit” is pretty much self explainatory and it is not at all clear that an open circuit is going to play a part in your concern here.

Rather than me typing it out, could you “google” parasitic draw?

What Model-Year Is This Malibu And Do You Get Any Warnings Or Information That Is Illuminated On The Instrument Panel, Such As “Check Engine” Or “Security” ?

Certain of these vehicles have ignition switch / security system related issues and will play dead to keep you from starting and “stealing” your own car.

Have you tried leaving the key turned to “on” for several minutes when it won’t start, then trying to turn it to “start” ?

What happens when it won’t start ?
Do the headlights work ?
Dashboard lights ?
Does it flash “security” ?
Car clicks when you turn the key to start ?
Car tries to crank over when turned to “start” ?
Nothing happens. It’s dead to the world ?
Have you tried a “jump start” from another battery / vehicle ? Does it work ?

Talk to us with as much information as you can provide.