2014 Chevrolet Malibu - Won't start

put in a new battery and had the alternator checked everything is good after it sits a day or two without being driven it wont start what could be wrong?

There may be a parasitic current draw on the battery as the vehicle sits.


You dont mention the symptoms of the no start, but one might assume it is due to no or insufficient battery power?

You need to specify as the troubleshooting and repair are vastly different between an engine that cranks no problem and doesn’t start…or an engine that cannot turn over (crank) due to insufficient power from the battery.

If it is not enough battery power Mr. @Tester has already named that situation… you then need to find the offending culprit to find out what is actually draining the battery. It can be many things…but one of those items high on the list is actually the alternator itself.

To see if the alternator is the cause:
Disconnect and secure the “hot lead” to the alternator, charge the battery fully, let the vehicle sit and then try to start it… If it starts fine…the alternator was the source of the parasitic draw. If it still behaves the same way… the problem is elsewhere. I only mention this scenario because this is a very common cause of this condition (Parasitic draw).

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i need help to figure out why my car wont start has a new battery and had the altanator checked and everything comes back fine its a 2014 chevy malbu

Honda_Blackbird gives good advice, above. You first need determine if the engine turns over (cranks) when you try to start it. Or do you hear almost nothing from under the hood?

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For all we know your car wont start because you have the keys, the car is locked and you are visiting your Aunt Gertrude the next state over… In that instance the car wont start, doesn’t want to start and we would be very surprised if it did start while you were away.

See… you wont seem to tell us why it wont start. We keep asking, time to start telling.

Does the car lose all battery power and is unable to start? OR are you able to crank the engine over normally and it refuses to start? OR… You are indeed visiting your Aunt Gertrudes and enjoying Tea and Crumpets?

Till we hear otherwise, enjoy your Tea…I don’t know what a Crumpet is however…


fails to crank is different than no-start. With no-start you hear that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”, but it doesn’t pop and run. With fails to crank, you don’t hear that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”. The typical causes for the two failure modes are completely different.