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Dead Battery!

My 1992M.Benz 300SE battery is dead.My 1992M.Benz 300SE battery is dead. Battery is in the trunk. I can only open the car doors manually but NOT the trunk, to charge or replace the battery. How can I get into the trunk??

Some cars with remote batteries have a set of terminals under the hood for things like emergency jump starts. Does your MB have these terminals?

Or perhaps a manual trunk release, just for such a situation? Does the owner’s manual address this?

I would hope the MB engineers would have allowed for something as simple as a dead battery.

I am almost sure it has a trick way of opening the trunk. But since I don’t own one, I am not at all sure. Have you pulled out the most important accessory in your car “the Owner’s Manual” and checked to see if it says something there?

Not the dreaded Owners Manual !!! (sarcasm intended)

mcparidise is dead on with this one but the German boys do make mistakes. On very early 7 series BMW’s the battery is under the right rear electric seat. One of the worst jobs with BMW is getting access to this battery when the battery is dead and there are no “jump terminals”.

You should be able to inject electrical power into the system via the cigar lighter. You will need an adaptor cable; easy to make with a cigar lighter plug from a car parts store.