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Dead battery and strange noise and smell

Hi, hope everyone is staying safe. The other night i was on my way to the store, when i tried to turn on the car it wouldn’t start. It just made a little noise. Anyway i called AAA the man came out and jumped it and showed me on his phone that the only thing that wasn’t showing normal was the battery. He said it was 21% charged and in the morning i could go to pep boys and get it charged. I didn’ t like the sound of that because i was thinking the battery could go dead again. So i asked him for a new one. We have a 1993 Grand Marquis he said that car needs a 65 and he didn’t have one so i should call back tomorrow and ask for them to bring one out. So i did, the guy came out took out the old battery, brushed the wires that go to the battery with a metal brush and sprayed something on the cords. I started the car and it started fine. i did not go anywhere until yesterday and when i started the car there was a strange smell and a nocking noise under the hood. I turned the car off and started it again and now there is no problem. I’m not a maniac but could that be the spray burning off or something like that. I got a new alternator a few years ago and long story short they didn’t give me a new battery until it failed again, but maybe they just said they did and just recharged the old one again, i sure hope that is what caused the battery to go dead.

The spray coating is to prevent corrosion.He could have put a little to much and when the engine got warmer it burned out the excess.You definitely can smell it through the vents.The knocking is what you should be concern about.Most time its due to low engine oil.Would be nice to post a sound clip when its doing it.

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Thank you for letting me know about the spray. If it happens again i will take a video of it. I wonder if it was the new battery, may be it was jumping around a little for some reason.