Dayton tires?

Can anyone help me out with some information about a tire made by Dayton? I’m considering a lightly-used set of Daytona Premium GT’s, but can’t find much information on this specific model or Dayton tires in general.

I believe this is a “touring” tire and I’m not 100% sure what that means. I live in northern Minnesota and need something that can deal with snowy roads.

Thanks in advance!

Dayton tires were a value line for Bridgestone. They have no been produced for at least a year if not two hence you find no info on them.

I owned a set of Dayton’s once and will say they had most of the features of a Bridgestone tires which in my experience except for one model are incredible tires.

I wouldn’t buy used tires, no telling what they’ve been through. If you’re in Minnesota and will have to endure lots of snow, get a set of new snow tires. Tires and brakes are two areas where it doesn’t pay to be cheap.

You need WINTER tires for your vehicle, not touring tires. “Touring” is what some brands call their standard all-season tires. They are probably marginal, at best, in snow.