Dave's Jeep J10 Disc brake

I own a 4X4, I learned that when I have to remove the front Wheel Discs that there are tapered shims between the rotor and the Studs. In order to remove the the Disc they need to be chiseled out before pulling out the rotors. Please inform Dave

I had stuck rotors on my car and after several hours pounding with hammers and other attempts, I found this trick that worked perfectly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtsTJCRljAs

I think the guys missed it on this one. The Jeeps of this age had INBOARD mount rotors. The hub must come off by removing the wheel bearings. Then, the lug studs have to be pressed (hammered) out releasing the rotor from the hub. I didn’t hear the caller mention anything about removing the wheel bearings. He only mentioned removing the locking hub. I think the wheel bearings are still in there as well as the nut. However the caller did mention the bearings were grinding. He may also have a badly damaged bearing all twisted up in the hub.