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2005 jeep liberty rear disc removal

how do I remove the rear discs

John, My Information Says It’s Just Straight Forward. Have You Replaced Brake Discs (Rotors) On Another Vehicle ?

I suggest purchasing a service manual if you’re going to keep the Jeep. You usually can find information at the public library. Many will sell you copies of pages.

Anyhow, Jack it up and use supports or jack stands, take off the tire / wheel, remove the caliper and brake pads, and remove the retaining clip(s) and then the rotor.

Usually the first time rotors are removed, factory installed retaining clip(s) hold the rotors on, usually at a wheel lug(s). I remove the clips and don’t bother replacing them. The lug bolts and wheel will hold the rotors in place.

I would complete one side before doing the other so that you can reference the assembled side if necessary.

If this information does not match with your Jeep or there is a particular part of the operation that is foreign to you or troublesome then please elaborate.


CSA, I have replaced front rotors on this car, it was easy. The rears seem to be frozen or rusted in place.


Are you replacing the rotors or removing them to have them machined? This seems to be controversial on this forum as of late, but if you are replacing them, you might as well smack them with a hammer until they come loose. A ball pein hammer or small (<4lbs) sledge hammer works best. Claw hammers are too flimsy and with the claw end, will cause paint damage if it accidentally strikes the vehicle. If you are not replacing them, try hitting around the hub of the rotor with a hammer rather than hitting the face of the rotor where the pads ride. A large, plastic coated dead-blow hammer can also be used and will minimize damage to the rotors. Other methods of removal (pullers, heat, etc.) may also work, but are usually more expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to buy tools to complete the job.