Datsun b210 exhaust


I own a 1977 Datsun B210. I recently took it into a shop to have a tailpipe bent for the car (the car had a muffler, but no tailpipe).

When I got the car back I found that they had cut off the old muffler, and ran an exhaust pipe about halfway down the length of the car, where they attached a new muffer.

Not quite what I was expecting.

Would anyone happen to know where I could find a diagram of what my exhaust system is supposed to look like so I could show the workers my concerns?


You should be able to order a repair manual over the internet.


Not a manual but, ask here and you may find what you want:


OOC, how many miles on this? it has been a while since i even heard of one!


Walker Muffler and IPC had illustrations in thier catalogs for all applications but fat chance any shops have any catalogs this old laying around the shop. Call 1-734-384-7830
(Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30 p.m. EST). This is Walker tech support, they may be able to fax you an illustrated guide or a picture of your need.


The car has 48,000 original miles. I bought it from a little old lady who bought it new. She’s driven it for the last thirty years, but isn’t driving anymore.