1998 Lexus ES300 Repair Manual

Does anyone know where I can go to learn about my car’s exhaust system? I have a 1998 lexus es300.

Buy a Haynes or Chiltons manual for the Camry, same mechanical systems. That’s what I did for my '96 ES300.

Exhaust systems aren’t usually covered in repair manuals. This is the type of system that can change from year-to-year.

What do you want to know?


Hello Tester,

My car is loud. Like it sounds like there is no muffler. But the problem is not the muffler.

I think in this car the “snake” that leads from the manifold is connected to the catalytic converter. I think if I had a diagram it might help me visualize the problem and decide if I should replace the exhaust or try to jury rig a repair.

You need a new flex pipe for your vehicle.

Call local parts stores to see if they sell a flex pipe kit for your vehicle. If not, get on the internet!


You mean an exhaust diagram like one of the below?


I recommend strongly against a “jury rig”. The location of the flex pipe(s) is such that an exhaust leak could allow exhaust fumes to enter the passenger cabin. You don’t want that.