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Date of manufacture Mazda6

Anyone know where to find the date of manufacture on a 2010 Mazda6? I see nothing on the door posts. Reason is there has been a recall for 42K vehicles concerning a spider that has to build up fuel pressure or something to that effect. Would the vin list the mfg date?

Look under the hood, in the trunk, or on the glove box door.


Nothing relevant either under the hood, glove box and nothing in trunk.

There is more than one door jamb label on most modern cars.
Typically, on the driver’s side, the light-colored label near the lock mechanism lists only tire size and tire inflation information.

However, further down on the door jamb–close to the rocker panel–there should be a another label, frequently black in color. This will likely have a bar code, information about the place of manufacture, and the month & date of manufacture.

There may even be an additional black label on the jamb of the passenger door. That one is most likely to list the VIN, the paint code, the trim code, and possibly some other info–along with another bar code.

If you keep looking, you should find what I am referring to.

I believe I found that label with the bar code and date It read 5/10 THank.

A Mazda dealership can probably tell you if this applies to your car if you have the VIN on hand.