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How to tell production date of a Hyundai with vin?

For 2006 sonata 3.3 v6. Video on YouTube says last letter of vin is production month, my vin ends in numbers

The sticker on the door jamb will give the year and month of production. That’s really all you need to know.

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Curious , why are you asking ?

At work driving and no access to car for a few days. Wanted to order parts online that are production specific. Thought vin should have that info

Is it not enough to just order the correct parts ? The supplier has probably changed several times for thi 14 year old vehicle. Seems like you are making this to difficult.

It is okay if you do not know how to tell the production date from a vin. That is all you have to say. Move along.

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The tenth digit in the VIN is the model year, 6.

The eleventh digit is the assembly location; H = Alabama, A = Korea.

The eleventh digit is the last letter in the VIN, the remaining are the sequence numbers. The sequence numbers may identify if it is an early or late build if referenced in a bulletin.


Rewatched the video. The 19th letter after the asterisk is production month. Of course I only have 17 and need access to the car for the 19th. Lol. Thanks anyway

Try this. If that’s no good, google “hyundia vin decoder”, you might find some clues.

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There is more than one door jamb sticker on modern cars, so the particular sticker that he needs to view could be mounted on the front passenger door jamb, instead of the driver’s door jamb. The month and year of manufacture will be displayed on a door jamb sticker on the OP’s car, and he just needs to locate the correct sticker.

All VINs on cars sold in the US since 1981 have 17 characters.