Dashboard Warning Light


I can’t find my manual and a warning light has just lit up on my renault megane. It is a rectangle with a squiggly line in it (like a heart monitor in a hospital). I know this is disgracefully girly, but I don’t know what it means. Can anybody help?


My best guess is that your “squiggly line” warning light is the equivalent of the “Check Engine” warning light on cars sold in the US. However, that is just a guess as Renaults have not been sold in this market for a few decades.

It might be better to check in forums where people are familiar with Renaults. But, overall, I think that you should see a qualified mechanic just in case that warning light portends something really serious.


I agree with vdcDriver. It might also be a good idea to include a little more information like the model year and miles on your car along with any history it may have and a list of any recent repairs made.


What I found after a quick Google search suggested that the light indicates an electrical problem.


I am guessing that this light is the equivalent of our ALT light, suggesting there is a problem with the charging system. Like the guy above me said.

If you don’t have it checked out soon you may one morning find your car has a dead battery and can’t be started. You may currently be in need of a new alternator, a new battery, or both.


Thanks everybody, I’m going straight to my mechanic in the morning. I was hoping I could still drive it to work tomorrow but I think I’ll err on the side of caution. Thanks again.


Just out of curiosity–which country are you in?


England. It’s a P reg.


Did you have any luck with this, as i have just bought a Megane and this light was lite up on the dash too…