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Dashboard showing that there is Transmission, Emission, and all other system problem

I have bought a brand new Acura MDX in February, 2016. My experience with my new Acura MDX is pretty bad so far.

On June 20th, I had the first experience of the problem with dashboard showing that there is Transmission, Emission, and all other system problem. The car stopped on the road. Later it started but continue to flash the warnings.

This same problem occurred second time on September 6th and at the time, I was starting the car and it won’t even start. Later it started but continue to flash the warnings.

I took the car to Acura dealership on these both occasions and it shows up later.

Again, Third time it happened on October 30th.

Does anyone else experienced such issues with their new MDX?

Might be best to search for a Acura specific forum to receive more replies .

In addition to seeking information on an Acura-specific forum, I strongly suggest that the OP begin researching the details of the Lemon Law in his/her state.

While the exact details of these statutes do vary a bit from one state to another, you have to give the dealership an opportunity to repair the issues, and usually if they are unable to remedy a specific problem after 3 attempts, then you are eligible for Lemon Law relief. These statutes usually specify that the defect in question has to be one that materially affects the safety or the drivability of the vehicle, and instances of stalling on the road, as well as an inability to start the engine, would definitely qualify for the safety/drivability definition.


You have a brand new, high line car and you are here posting rather than standing in front of the service manager insisting that he fix this Under Warranty, expensive automobile? We aren’t the solution. @VDCdriver is right, if the dealer is NOT the solution, a lawyer IS.

Maybe you could tell us what did the dealership service department do or say each time you brought it in for this problem?

I’m also wondering what the dealership has said and done so far.

If they can’t resolve the issue, keep in mind that there should be instructions in your owner’s manual for how to escalate a problem to the manufacturer itself. You might end up needing to do that here.

Whoa, three times is not good. I jumped over to and looked closely at the 2016 MDX. There is no recall or TSB (Technical service bulletin) for this issue that I could find. Also, no other owners have reported this issue to CarComplaints going back to 2014. Let’s assume for now that Acura will want to take car of you. In many cases like this, an automaker will back up a dealer if the dealer opts to offer a new car (you trade in the troublesome one and buy a new one from the same dealer). I have heard of cases like this in the past, not necessarily from Acura/Honda. The fix usually involves a computer change or software change made by the dealer. However, you have given the dealer three tries to fix it according to what is above. Please tell us more.

I appreciate the show of support for my suggestion, Mustangman, but I have to point out that a lawyer shouldn’t be necessary for a successful filing of a Lemon Law complaint.

When my friend got no real help from the Toyota dealership in regard to a bunch of bizarre electrical problems with his new Rav-4, I sent a Demand Letter (with my friend’s signature) to the manufacturer, and it got the desired result. Because Toyota corporate didn’t want to give him either an identical replacement vehicle or a full refund (including registration fees) as required under NJ’s version of the Lemon Law statute, they requested “one more chance” to rectify the problems.

They sent the regional service supervisor and a Japanese engineer (I met him, and he probably didn’t speak more than a couple dozen words in English) to the dealership, and within a few hours, they were able to resolve the problems that had eluded the “factory-trained” technicians at the dealership.

If somebody is able to comprehend the verbiage of his state’s Lemon Law statute, and is able to construct a Demand Letter that follows the cues contained in that statute, there is no need to pay an attorney.

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Greatly appreciate all the feedback.

I have contacted Acura about the problem and told them the desire to get the car replaced. The dealership is trying to repair the car and also going to tell me what it will cost to trade in and get a 2017 model.

The repair attempt needs to fail four times to meet the NC lemon law along with some other criteria.

Will update as more information comes along.

I don’t see an “MDX” listed under the 2016 model year. I presume this is a 2015 model that you purchased in Feb of 2016, right? On the 4 - wheel drive versions there’s a couple of safety recalls on the collision avoidance system? Did the dealership mention this symptom could be a problem w/that system? Does your MDX have the collision avoidance feature? If so, that’s something to ask about anyway.

There’s two customer interest bulletins involving the MIL. One w/DTC 0430; another w/ DTC B1403

Do either of those DTC’s appear when they read the engine computer’s memory?

This type of symptom could be caused by a battery or alternator problem too. Ask your dealership if they’ve tested both the battery and charging system for signs of problems.

Edit: Oops! I must have made a typo. I’m now seeing an MDX for 2016. For 2016 MDX there’s a recall for DTC P0657 which requires a software update. The driver has to turn the car off then back on to get the car to work at all apparently is the symptom. Good idea to ask your dealership if that software update is needed for your vehicle.