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Need help, multiple problems, lack of knowledge, mechanical, electrical repair toyota

Toyota Cressida 1981 5ME sedan. Problems with drivers kick panel fuse, breaker block due to water damage and ?. Long story! Some things ( windows, heater etc) work sometimes for months then dont work. Turn signals were first blew two fuses then quit. Flashers fine. Horn stopped then caught up at next left turn. etc. etc. Have replaced, tested, cleaned and am still doing so. At one time every warning light was lit. now only battery light is on, battery is charging. Windows and heater quit, they worked two weeks ago. and Haynes book and owners manual are incomplete and confusing.No Chiltons for this car. Had power steering pump replaced last year, mechanic moved, knocking noise began again in 2 months got worse. Just last week figured out that the nut on the power steering pump pulley was gone. And theres more, but this is plenty to start with. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you, Judz

This buggy sounds like it’s been in a flood. And like it was already worn out before the flood.
I hate to say it, but this horse is dying.

Can you provide any details about its history?

I’d be saving up for its replacement, sorry, sounds like a long list of hard to fix problems on an old car with hard to find parts.

I suggest you save the money and time you would have to spend on repairing the numerous problems this 32 year old car has and use it to invest in a car that is less than 10 years old.

Either you are going to solve this electrical yourself or the car is headed to the recycler. So, if the entire panel of fuses and relays is giving you problems, why not start by trying to find a replacement panel? Sharpen up your internet skills and go shopping. Somewhere in America someone has one of these, and your job is to find it.

The power steering pump issue is entirely different, of course. But it underlines the idea that, if this car is going to be saved, it is you that is going to do it as there is no one else who will work for nothing.

Remember, if it is already broken, there is very little risk in diving in. And that’s how we all learned to fix cars.

I have to agree it sounds like a flood recovery. There will be no end to the issues and too expensive to repair.