Dashboard and radio lights flickering/dimming?!


I just need to point out that i am from Iran and i have bought a brand new car yesterday, a JAC J5 AT, since the car was ready and not the plate, i could only drive it from car maker brachnto my house parking, so the car has gone ONLY 10 km.
But few hours when it went dark, i went to parking to see how does interior lights looking. When i turned dash lights on nothing happened, i started the car and waited for few minutes and then i turned the knob again and the dash lights got turned on but was, blinking slowly after few minutes (car was started) the lights started to blink rapidly, and when i pressed gas pedal, they became brighter … I waited 2,3 more mins and lights did not get any response to gas pedal, but still radio lights are diming rapidly…

I checked alternator by detaching positive wire of battery while car is turned on and it did not cause the car to turn off. So i asume the alternator is ok,
Another thing is that headlights, backlights and any other lights are ok without a single dimming, the only lighs dimming are the dashboard lights…

Would it be because the battery on the car is not fullybcharged? Or what?!

Since this is a brand new car take it back to the dealer and get your car looked at. I have no idea what a JAC J5 AT is so any advice from me would be a total shot in the dark.

@missileman–The JAC J5 is made in China, and I suppose that “AT” refers to the transmission.
That being said, I agree that the car needs to go back to the dealership…assuming that Chinese-made cars actually come with a warranty…

Here is a link to some photos and specs for that model:


It’s a bad idea to disconnect a battery cable while the car is running. You can easily damage various electronic items.

I was thinking the exact same thing, lion9car.
I would suggest that the OP NOT mention his ill-conceived diagnostic procedure to the folks at the dealership.

Thanks @VDCdriver … not a bad looking car. I’ll also jump on the bandwagon here and never advise anyone to disconnect the battery while the engine is running. Voltage spikes can wreak havoc on the electronics in modern vehicles.

To me it sounds like the rheostat ( dash ligkht dimmer ) or plug connections to it.
But, again, as a brand new car it should go back to the dealer for warranty repair.