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Dash warning lights

I have a 2009 Pontiac vibe 2.4l that has been acting strange. 6 months ago my whole instrument cluster lit up with a warning lights I lost power steering, one headlight and windshield wipers. It did this on and off for two days and then didn’t happen again for 6 months. now it’s happening again and it switches between all the dash lights on and some of the electronics not working or today just my check engine, VSC and traction control lights were on but the car starts and drives okay, just no power steering when the whole instrument cluster is lit up with warning lights. Is this a faulty computer?

Probably not. First thing, make sure the car is getting full battery & charging voltage. The battery terminals should measure appx 12.6 volts after sitting overnight and before starting the engine, and 13.5-15.5 after starting the engine. If the battery posts look corroded, have your shop clean and tighten them. The diagnostic codes should be read out from the engine computer before making any other guesses what might be going on.

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