Dash Light in my Ford Explorer

There is a picture on the screen of my 2018 Ford Explorer Platinum that pops up when I stop at a light and when I take off. I’ve attached it here. Any idea what this is for? Thank you.

If you have the owners manual you might find your answer there .


There’s an issue with the ABS system.


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Oh snap. I’ll get that looked at. Thank you.

With all of that room on the screen, why couldn’t they put the letters “ABS” on there? Aside from that, how would one guess that is an ABS warning? Many rental cars and used cars don’t have the manual any more.

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I went to Ford. The front desk manager didn’t know. He showed it to a tech. The tech said it has something to do with a sensor on the front bumper. ???

Who cares? Call the rental agency and have them bring you another car.

Every manufacturer offers owners manuals as a pdf download over the internet for free


The general warning indicator is usually accompanied with a warning light in the gauge cluster or a warning message.

Is the park assist system working properly? What do you see on the display when getting close to an object?

Except that indicator isn’t mentioned in the Owner’s Manual. I had time and I downloaded a copy and looked. The section on indicator lights starts on page 100 and goes for 4 pages. That light doesn’t appear. But the light wouldn’t be on if there weren’t a problem of some kind so keep pursuing it. As a wild guess, maybe it has something to do with the SYNC system?

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just curious, with the auto-shutoff. what happens when you pull in your driveway and put the vehicle in park. does it shut your vehicle off? does the vehicle stay off and you turn the vehicle off like normal? or does the motor start and then you shut the vehicle off like normal?

I would guess it shuts off simply because that would make sense. Of course, that automatically means I’m wrong. :wink:

Often the owners manual for rental cars is in the trunk or in SUVs, it’s inside a compartment on the rear floor.