2002 Ford Explorer

My 2002 Ford Explorer has a 4.0 liter engine. The overdrive light on the dash is blinking…what repair and how much would it cost to expedite that repair? Also the ABS light is on

Does the truck switch into overdrive or does it refuse to?
Did those two lights come on at the same time?

Not sure if the overdrive system reads the wheel speed sensors but the ABS system does. Very often that’s the cause for the ABS to come on (bad or dirty sensor, cracked sensor ring on shaft, etc).

I would guess they came on at the same time.

If the system thinks there’s a problem with the drivetrain (e.g., the ABS light), then it won’t engage the overdrive. Check the control rings and make sure they’re clean, and the ABS sensor wiring is good. Then head to AutoZone, Oreilly’s, etc, and “borrow” their reader to see what the codes are (they’ll likely want to hang onto your license while you use the tool). Reset the ABS code, and give it a day or two to see what happens.

After that, if the ABS is still out, hit your nearest repairman for a proper diagnosis.

Edit: control rings/wiring are located near each wheel.

The O/D light flashing means a problem detected by the transmission module. The transmission in this truck is shifted electronically by the transmission control module, and this is how it tells you there is a problem detected by the control module. Only a specialized code reader, not those cheap handhelds at the auto parts store, can access these codes to determine the fault. Only then can you know how expensive it may be to fix. Any good transmission shop will have the proper scan tool to pull the codes and read them. These codes fall outside of the regulated ODB-II system, so the codes will be manufacturer specific. The ABS light on means a fault has been detected and the ABS system is off until the problem is fixed as a ‘fail-safe’ default. The two can be related, so fixing the O/D light problem may fix both.

I’ll tell you right now to get the truck looked at. If it is a faulty solenoid pack, which is a common failure on these transmissions this old, replacing it as soon as possible will preserve the health of the transmission. Replacing the solenoid pack can cost a couple hundred dollars, but replacing a fried transmission will cost thousands. If you let it go for too long, which is impossible to guess how long that is, the faulty solenoid pack will cause the transmission to fry.

my freind said that it was the powerbands in the transmission

Is your friend a qualified transmission mechanic? Delaying this repair will most likely cost you.

he isn’t but he just had to do this repair

I think that points to a serious transmission issue on those vehicles… you need to have it looked at by a tranny shop…Do you also have a check engine light illuminated? If so what code is it throwing?


The ‘O/D Off’ light flashing would not necessarily set the CEL on. However, it can still burn up the transmission. There are several reasons why a transmission could fail, and the fact your friend had one repair done doesn’t mean that is the problem with your truck. Getting the code read is the first real shot at knowing what the problem actually is. The rest is speculation and talk.

I have not had the check engine light code diagnosed but the check engine light is on


about how much would the repair cost if it was the powerbands for a transmission rebuild?

Ok, so now the CEL is on, ABS is on, and O/D light is flashing. How long have each of these lights been on? What have you done about any of them? Each of these lights on means a module has detected a problem and set a code. First thing to solving ANY of these problems is to retrieve the codes. The CEL code can be retrieved by a cheap code reader. The others need a more sophisticated scanner. Until the codes are retrieved, there is no real answer to a solution. Any number of a hundred things for each of these lights can cause the light to go on. There are some problems that can turn all three on.

Ask your friend how much he paid. Prices vary from shop to shop and different regions of the country.

it has been on at least a month

they said it was about 2,000$

Now, are you going to get the codes read to find out f you’re facing a $2,000 problem, $200 problem, or a $problem between $200 to $2,000.

OP is relying on the advice of his friend first and foremost. Not worth putting more effort into helping him. He just deflects all efforts to help. Good luck and hope your friend is right on this one.


i believe he is right

Have at it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you have this whole thing torn down & put back together just to find out that you have a failing vehicle speed sensor or something - or even just a dirty connection. (That, btw, could easily account for both an ABS & transmission control malfunction). Maybe your friend really does know how to diagnose this stuff - no on knows because you haven’t said anything about why he thinks this or why you believe him.

Anyway - its obviously your choice to do as you will.

i beleive him because he had to do the exact same repair and he has the exact same vehicle


What is to say your friend did not get ripped off, and Cigroller is right that it is something minor?? You posted a question for people to answer with very little info. People are trying to help you and point you in the right direction, if you are going to listen to your friend and your friend only why post?? He very well might be right, but what if he is wrong??