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2 ESC symbols showed up

Anyone knows what does this mean? It appeared yesterday and always there till now.

See owners manual.

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You should certainly read the owner’s manual because it might give you a little more information than what the lights mean. The one in the upper right is traction control. The light below and to the left is the traction control off indicator. The ABS light says there is a problem with the ABS system, and it was probably turned off. The seatbelt light says there is a problem with the seatbelt system. You need to see a competent mechanic to find out what is wrong. How old is the car, what model Ford, and how many miles are on it?

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Mostly likely someone hit the TCS button and turned it off.

I’d look at the ABS control module. IIRC both the ABS and traction control systems are controlled by this module, if it goes bad you get warning lights for both.

It might also be one or more oxidized connectors. I had that on my ten year old Silhouette. I disconnected the front electrical connections at the wheels and inspected them. They were tarnished and I cleaned them, then reconnected them. The ABS light went out and never came back on.

When there’s a critical problem detected w/certain of the car’s functions the car’s computer automatically turns some other functions off. I expect this is what is going on. Start by reading out the diagnostic codes from the OBD II system. You can post the codes here for ideas what they mean if you like.