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1997 Mercury GM

None of the dash meters are working.(analog speedometer/fuel gauge/odometer/trip odometer/temp gauge–none!)

I changed the fuse and it started working again, but the next day, all were no longer active. This time the fuse appears fine. Help!

Could be a short in wiring, Find the wiring harness back side of fuse panel first with ignition on wiggle wiring then follow wiring were it goes through firewall under dash dothe same.Possable that a rodent has chewed wire. I try the above step first,Let me know. Take a test meter and check the fuse for continuity do not have to remove fuse to check even though it looks good doesn’t mean it is

If the fuse is not blown, then it is an open in the wiring somewhere. If the fuse is blown, then it is a short.

I have never done it, but they say the instrument cluster comes out of these cars very easily…Go over to the crownvicnet where the real Panther People hang out…Probably just a bad connection somewhere…

Don’t assume that the fuse is O.K., from looking at it.