2004 Honda CR-V - How do I de-mold this car?

have a 2005 honda crv. Left windows open and got lots of rain in car. Dried up everything. took carpets out to dry. Can’t get rid of mold smell though I can’t trace it in the car.
Does anyone know what i should do? thanks

I’d leave it out in the sun all day. Windows down, on a sunny warm day of course.

You might also check with an auto detailer to see if they can help.

Open the car, let it air out for an hour, now go stick your nose in there and sniff closely to things to find the source. I would be looking really close at the seats. Lots of foam to soak up and hold water. The carpet padding may also have gotten some mold before you got it dried out…

Years ago, I had some mouse problems and getting that smell out was next to impossible. I tried these chlorine dioxide “bombs” and they worked. Set it off with the air fan circulating through the car. I left mine idle for about 45 minutes. This is the same gas used by library storage to kill mildew in books. Now even Amazon carries them.

You might have to remove the seats and the carpet - or as a first step, loosen the carpet at the door sills and anywhere you can and lift it. Is it musty? Hold it up with some sticks and let it dry, preferably with doors open and wind and sun.

If you remove the seats you can dry them better and peel back more carpet, maybe remove it and hang it in the sun.

Good luck and let us know how this works out, please.

Might try removing seats. Carpets have been removed and hung in sun. They seem okay. Thanks.


Usually, chlorine bleach is recommended for mold removal, but–of course–you shouldn’t use that substance anywhere near your car.

I recall seeing a NON chlorine bleach mold remediation spray at Home Depot, so you might want to take a look at what HD carries in their cleaning products section. If the label states that it is okay to use on fabrics and vinyl, it might be appropriate for the OP’s problem.

My bet would be in the foam rubber in the seats. It only takes a day for mold to form and then near impossible to get rid of on porous surfaces. We had to put our pop up camper down wet one year and took a week or so to get it opened up again. I used all the chemicals but never could get rid of the smell in the canvas and cushions. Ended up junking it. You might try calling one of those emergency remediation companies that come in and clean up after water or fire damage.

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