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Damage to a car?

I managed to hit my car into a pole in the ice on Friday. It’s a seat Leon. There’s not much bodywork damage but the wheel is pointing another way and is pushed back. The car had to be recovered. I’m just wondering how much this is going to cost as I don’t want to go through insurance. TIA.

This is basically a US based forum . But it does not matter because damage like this can’t be assessed over the web. A shop will have to look at it and then during repair more damage might be found.

Not using your insurance sounds like a poor move.


This indicates some significant damage to the front suspension and possibly to the steering mechanism. It could even mean that there has been damage to the unibody structure that constitutes the frame on your car. And, of course, the wheel itself and the tire are suspect. This could be… pricey… to repair.


In the US prolly around $700 but in pound sterling prolly 1000. Depends on how bad the damage actually is and whether it’s just front end parts and strut and alignment or hopefully the strut tower itself is OK. Otherwise, anyone’s guess.

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$700 with front suspension damage? Not bloody likely!


OK, refund in the mail. 2000 pound sterling then, or a total if the tower is bent.

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Othèr way around, @bing. Today’s exchange rate is $1000US equals 770£.

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Take it somewhere and get an estimate. Sheer guess $1000-$2000. Depends on how many parts in the front end destroyed and if tire/rim damaged too.

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Yet another one of these questions, Ugh… No one on this forum can answer your question. It is not possible to do so via the internet…someone needs to assess the damage and answer these questions for you. It is pure folly for us to even attempt to help you with this, its akin to asking us to smell something for you…Sorry.

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