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Damage done by a dead-of-night scurrilous tower

Hello - my 03 Toyota Tacoma was stolen during the night by a trespassing tower who was in the wrong community (therefore trespassed on private property) and towed by truck (in park) from between a row of parked cars. The dash/windshield now rattles and the floorboard (accelerator pedal) shakes.

What damage should I have the dealer look for? Thank you!!

Under what conditions do these symptoms exhibit themselves?
Manual tranny or automatic?
Was it in gear? In Park?
Were the parking brakes on?

When they repo a car in the middle of the night they generally just back up to it, slide the truck bed down to the macadam, hook up the chains, and drag it up onto the truck bed. Drivetrain damage is not unheard of.

in park
no parking break
other - 38k miles - never hit a pothole

Will have them check for drive train damage - assume this would cause the vibrations?

Have them check for drivetrain damage anyway, as the parking pawl may be toast, but under what conditions does it vibrate?

Your description sounds like a engine that is runnibg rough,have the Dealer look for issues that would cause a rough running engine. I know you want to link the tow to the rough running engine but don’t expect the Dealer to get involved in this dispute.

I think you would have better luck getting a independant mechanic to get involved in linking the tow to your cars vibration problem.

The accelerator pedal scintillates and if I have to endure that vibreation in my foot all the time I’ll go crazy. The truck used to be smooth and clean ride. After I got it back, it just seems heavy and ponderous in feel, not in sound.

In preceding weeks it had an oil change, new plugs/wires, passed a robust emissions inspection wildly above required. I run high test all the time, or it knocks, and it ran beautifully as usual the day before it got dragged backwards in park out of my reserved spot.

The accelerator pedal now scintillates and vibrates my right leg. The dash and windshield rattle. The truck used to be smooth and clean ride. Overnight, it runs seems heavy and ponderous in feel, not in just in dash and windshield rattling sound.

It was stolen. A stretch to suggest I’m offloading lax maintenance on thieves? M. Oldschool, I’m a throwback to another era when honesty and accountability were the norm, not the exception. I expect the same of others, and sadly, rarely witness it.

Well you come up with a reason that dragging a truck thats in park would cause the symptons you describe. Have you given the underhood area an inspection for anything out of place?

I just can’t connect what you say happened with the symptons you are seeeing. Perhaps someone fooled around with something under the hood,much more likely than a damaged park pawl causing vibration.