2006 Toyota Tacoma - Vibration on Acceleration

Looking for some thoughts on what my issue may be.

Have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma (automatic, rear wheel drive) that just started vibrating, both steering wheel and cab on acceleration. Have not been able to determine cause (honestly just starting to diagnose.)


  • Only happens during acceleration, at all speeds.
  • Vibration stops when you let off the gas and/or coast.
  • In neutral, when reeving the engine there is no vibration, only happens when in drive and accelerating.
  • No vibration when braking.

Since no vibration when in neutral and reeving the engine, I don’t believe it’s related to the engine.
Since the steering wheel does not vibrate when braking, I don’t believe it’s related to warped rotors.

I’m guessing suspension, transmission, maybe universal joint?

Appreciate any insights anyone may have.



Check for a worn driveshaft center support bearing.


Thanks Tester, Definitely will, thanks for the recommendation.

Motor mount

I originally considered motor mount, but since the vibration did not occur when in neutral and reeving the engine, I did not put that as a cause at the top of the list. I figured if it was a motor mount I would feel it when reeving the engine in park/neutral. But, I agree it should stay on the list.

Thanks tcmichnorth

A worn motor mount typically will not cause vibration in nuetral or park. Try engaging parking brake, firmly press on brakes, using common sense safety precautions, put it in drive and raise RPM for a short time. Repeat for reverse. If vibration occurrs, it’s most likely motor mount.

Ok, makes sense. I will give it a try. Thanks!

@sdamer59_146030, did you ever get this figured out? I have an automatic 2wd Tacoma with the exact same symptom.