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Dakota backfires, stalls

My '96 Dakota SLT 6-cylinder pickup backfired and blew a hole in my muffler … I’ve had it in three different shops on six occasions since and the thing still hiccups, backfires, stalls … most of the electrical switches and sensors have been replaced … right before it back fires, it feels like it is going to stall, then “POW” … sometimes it continues to run fine for a little while after that … then it happens again … When it stalls it feels like it is running out of gas … it is almost impossible to restart right away, but if I wait a few minutes, the starts right up … Any ideas??? (a crusher has been suggested - not an option)

You are dumping a bunch of un-burned fuel into the exhaust. I would bet you catalytic is toast to. Have you pulled the plugs and looked at their condition? Maybe a leaky injector or bad plug or wires.