1996 3.9 dakota stalling backfiring?

I have had this truck in 3 different shops and none of them could figure it out. The codes say misfire in cyl 2 and 5 bank 1 too lean and primary and secondary circuits malfunctioning for ignition coil. I’ve replaced the ign coil cap, plugs,plug wires, rotor, pcv, fuel pump, pick up coil, cat, o2 sensors and all sensors under the hood. Switched out all vacuum lines, cleaned the IAC and checked the pulse ring. The truck loses all power and either dies or backfires and regains power randomly. If I drive at night, it will stall and keep cranking when trying to restart. Usually have to let it sit for ten minutes for it to turn back over. Last night it backfired and stalled every 50 ft for over a mile. During the day, it revs up and down at idle by about 100 rpms.

“I’ve replaced the ign coil cap, plugs, rotor, pcv, fuel pump, pick up coil, cat, o2 sensors and all sensors under the hood. Switched out all vacuum lines, cleaned the IAC and checked the pulse ring.”

Plug Wires ? Could it be that simple ?

Have you looked at the engine in the dark of night when it’s misfiring ? I wonder if you’d see the sparks ?

Chrysler’s got a technical service bulletin # 18-48-98 (12/30/1998) about plug wires and misfiring (cross-firing) on Dodge and Jeep vehicles, including 1994 - 1999 Dakotas with 3.9L, 5.2L, and 5.9L engines.

Don’t know if this is your problem, but click this link and have a look.

Hope it helps. Let us know.

Report the actual, specific error codes in the format “P1234.” A report on those from the past would be good, but especially whatever codes are in there right now.

Its time to check the compression. I would also check the intake manifold for leaks, and the exhaust system for blockage.

I rerouted the plug wires but still the same symptoms. Then I rerouted the ignition coil mounted it to the firewall and shortened the wire same symptoms I removed my exhaust there was a 3 inch crack inside the muffler allowing you to see all the way through it. I took of my catalytic converter that I had replaced 2 years ago and it was empty. All that remained was the metal shell. However I couldnt find any melted peices in my exhaust. The truck sat for most of that time so whatever is causing this destroyed my exhaust system in a short amount of running time.

Are you going to report the codes or what?

Here’s what it all sounds like (adding up the vague info plus more vague info) - you do have a misfire problem. Its probably not a fuel problem. In fact, you’re getting plenty of fuel which, at various incorrect times & places is getting ignited & giving you back fires and destroying your catalytic converter.

That’s as far as I can get since you didn’t report any actual error codes. You’re missing something about the ignition system and you would be smart to check the compression.

You did first replace and then reroute the plug wires. You didn’t get them all mixed up did you?

I didn’t start replacing parts until after the truck started to misfire. I replaced the plug wires one at a time then checked the order against a chart on the dodge forum.

Check this out on the P0351 code: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0351

I’d guess that’s the root of your problem. Note that the actual problem can be anywhere from bad driver circuits in the PCM all the way through any of the wiring that it needs.