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93 accord transmission

93 accord my d4 light on the dash is flashing and it wont shift out of park can anyone help

I don’t have an inkling what a d4 light is, but I will suggest that you have someone look to see if your brake lights are working. If not, then your brake light switch is probably bad. That same switch tells the transmission interlock that you have your foot on the brake and it’s safe to shift out of park.
Some Hondas have a little slot on the shift quadrant that you can stick something into that will also allow you to shift out of park if the interlock malfunctions. It may or may not be labeled or be covered with a tab you have to lift up.

A flashing D4 light is the transmissions version of a check engine light. I guess you could call it a check transmission light. Open the hood and find the underhood relay and fuse box. It should be on the pass side near the windshield. Pull the 7.5A radio fuse or 10 seconds. That will clear the code.

While you are under there, check the transmission fluid level and color. If you a factory anti theft radio, you will need to re-enter the code.