D (Drive) not working. 1,2, N and Reverse fine

After returning from a 200 mile trip, I made a U turn on my street. I put it in R but when I went back to D, the car went nowhere. It is a Mazda Tribute 2002 4WD Automatic V6.

No sounds, rumbles, or misbehaviors prior to that. Fluid level is fine. Hopefully this is something simple. Seems like a “brain” or control system failure to my layman’s mind.

Just because you have 1,2 and reverse doesn’t mean all is well with the tranny. There are lots of clutches, bands, stuff that can knock out one gear but not the whole unit. Good news is the torque converter is OK since that would knock you out entirely. The transmission needs to be checked out by a shop, perhaps a transmission specialty shop. It could be simple like the linkage is out of adjustment or some switch is not operating - but it may be something more.

What he said…but don’t go to Aamco Transmission Repair. That is the last place you should go.

My usual mechanic will put it on a rack tomorrow and see if it is something simple like a linkage problem.

BTW, I did shift to D at 30 miles per hour and had power, but after coming to a stop, I had to shift back to 2 to get started again.

the fluid should obviously be checked for correct amount and type and evidence of overheating by bad odor or discoloration…if all is ok then it can be something as simple as broken mount to tranny or engine or insufficient pressure from tranny pump to activate shift solenoids or dirty, sticky valves internally. But a decent mechanic can check this out without disassembly of tranny. Computer controls shift points too, so don’t overlook pulling codes

Maybe the torque converter locking up.