Cylinder head

I have a 1997 Honda civic and the cylinder head is cracked. I would like to find a parts car and replace it but I am not sure what cylinder head is compatible with my Honda. Does anyone know what type of cylinder head i can use from other hondas?

Most salvage yards will have a parts cross reference.

and the chances of them having this exact car with engine is pretty good.

Available completely re-built and ready to bolt on for about $500 with no fears that the junk head you bought is also cracked from RockAuto and others.

Just get the cylinder head you need and it will cheaper in the long run. If you buy a donor car and remove parts then you will have to get rid of it and that might also cost you.

Do you mean an engine available… ?

Nope, just the rebuilt head.

Mustangman has definitely given you your best option IMHO, but while I’ve seen cracked blocks, cracked heads are unusual. That has piqued my curiosity. What led to this failure? Are your sure the “bottom end” (the “short block”) is undamaged and worthy of a new head? How many miles does the bottom end have on it? Was it using oil?

I’m just curious because, well, I have an enquiring mind, and because it’d be a shame to go through all the cost and effort to put a new head on a bad or worn out short block.

Have you actually seen this crack or is this something you’ve been told my an amateur or pro mechanic?

The reason I ask is that over the years I’ve seen many cases of a diagnosed cracked head and that was not the case at all.