Cylinder Head Problem

So i had a spark plug break off flush with my head, and i am wondering should i get a new head and replace it or should i take the head off and have it sent somewhere to be fixed and if so could someone give me examples of where to take the head to be rebuilt

Any good mechanic can remove a broken spark plug without removing the head.

Just need the proper tools.


i have tried specified tools and believe the thread on the head itself is damaged

Then you’re probably looking down this avenue.


Ahh, yes that is probably the route i will take since the head is still in really good condition even at 260k. Thank you i didnt think about inserted threads.

Is the spark plug still in the head . . . ?!

If so, you need to concentrate on removing it first, before assuming the threads are damaged

Perhaps once you have the plug out, the head will be fine . . .