CX-9, Pilot, or Pathfinder?

Mazda CX-9, Honda Pilot, or Nissan Pathfinder?

We just moved to a northern state, and we have two kids. We are in the process of buying an SUV. So far, we have come across these three cars that are available for us:

Mazda CX-9 Signature 2022 New
Honda Pilot Touring 2022 New
Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 2023 New

Please let us know if you or your family/friends have had any experience with these vehicles. Which one should we buy, or which one should we avoid?

The chance of getting replies from actual owners of these vehicles is slim . You did not say if they are new or used ( Year matters) . Just see if you can find out the service each one has had . Chose one and pay a shop to inspect it for possible faults if used. If new then you have a warranty.

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Thank you, @VOLVO-V70. You are right. I revised the original post. They are all new and recent year models.

I think honda has the best reliability over the long term . Pathfinder is almost completely new platform so I wouls stay away from that for a couple of years . Mazda I dont really know much about .

No experience with any of them. Suggest you use the forum search feature (upper right this page) to see what other’s have said here. As posted above, some risk involved with new designs. New model introductions best avoided until after 2 or 3 model years, after the design and manufacturing bugs are worked out. Nissan automatic transmissions seem to be an out of proportion topic of discussion here. If thinking of a Nissan with automatic transmission, suggest to search on that too. Of those three, I’d lean toward the Honda myself. One problem w/Honda choice I’d be at least a little concerned about, their cats tend to be the subject of thieves for some reason.

And just how many posts do you think will be found about these new vehicles ?

Compare the 10-year fuel costs of any of those 3 with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and you will find that you save about $15K by buying the Highlander. Just my $0.02.

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However, if the OP wants us to vote on the three vehicles that he listed, my vote would go for the Mazda.

Honda’s formerly top-notch reliability has taken a big hit over the past few years, while Mazda’s reliability has steadily risen. And, as George mentioned, Nissan’s transmissions have been a weak point for several years, but… maybe Nissan has cleaned-up their act in that area. Quien sabe?

We have seen buyers remorse about seats that end up killing their back. Take a long test drive for comfort and road noise.

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My daughter has a 2020 Pilot EX-L and she is quite happy with it. No problems so far. When she bought it the new car salesman told them to stay away from the 2019 because it had the problematic 9-speed transmission. The dealer had a lot less problems with the newer 10-speed. We have the 10-speed in our 2019 Odyssey and have not had problems with it yet.

Just to muddy the water, we bought the Odyssey because the cargo and people carrying capability is much better than any of the SUVs you mentioned. The Odyssey can hold about twice as much cargo as the Pilot. One possible downer with the CX-9 is that it’s slow. I read that recently. You can test drive them and determine if any or all of them meet your needs. Make that test drive at least a half hour to make sure the seats are comfortable and wind noise is acceptable.

Well said. It may well come down to what the OP can actually find to buy.

It’s such a personal choice, the only one where I know owners is the Honda, could go either way between the Pilot and the Toyota Highlander in this size range. The Nissan Pathfinder switched to the same 9spd transmission as the Pilot made by ZF, mostly comes down to which one is the most comfortable and fits what your family needs.