Cv joint

Ihave a 1989 murcury topaz and in stall the right hand cv joint and now the transmission wont get into gear . And its in neutral all the time.

Some more info would help.
Are you SURE you got the inner joint stabbed all the way in the transmission?
You did not have BOTH axles out at the same time did you?
Any noises: grinding, scraping, etc.?

Check to insure the inner CV joint is fully engaged in the transmission. If not, the differential will spin freely, and not deliver power to the other wheel. Since the car is back on it’s wheels, you’ll have to use care not to cut the boot while forcing it into the transmission.

One way to see if it is correctly installed is to jack up the front of the car, placing jack stands so both front wheels are off the ground. With the transmission in NEUTRAL, spin one wheel. The other wheel should spin in the opposite direction. Have a friend try to stop the other wheel from spinning as you spin the first wheel. If that wheel stops, or doesn’t spin at all, then the CV joint is not installed correctly.

Sorry, the car should be in PARK. This will lock the ring gear in the differential. The axles will spin in opposite directions because of the spider gears. But, if the CV joint is not fully inserted in the transmission, then it will not spin the spider gears as it should.