CV Joint Failure


I was recently in a car accident. 1 Week after I got my car back the CV joint went. The boot was not torn or anything, there was some king of internal failure. My mechanic said it was more than likely a result of the accident. Insurance denied my claim. Can CV Joints fail as a result of an accident?


Sure they can, especially if there was sufficient impact to knock the engine out of its normal position (side to side centering). However, it COULD be just a coincidence. How many miles are on the vehicle? In what way did it fail?


There are 72,000 miles on the vehicle…2004. 1 week after I got the car back I heard the standard clicking noise of a bad cv joint when turning right or left.


At 4 years old and 72,000 miles you’ll be hard pressed to prove that the failure was accident related. And it may not have been.