Bad CV joints

Just bought a 1997 Aerostar Electronic 4-wheel drive.

Ripped CV boots, bad CV joints, click-click-clicking during sharp turns.

Whats the worst that could happen if one of these should completely fail?

In other words: Do I sell some blood and replace them before hitting the road again, or can I wait until payday (or the next one after that)?

A CV joint that completely fails and falls apart is ugly. What usually happens is the noise gets worse and you experience vibration in the driveline before a total failure. It would be best to get some confirmation which CV joints are bad and fix sooner better than later. If you plan on driving the car on interstates at 65 mph, not a good idea until you are sure all is ok with the CV joints.

If a CV joint fails, you don’t go anywhere. That’s it.


Thank you both for your replies.
No more responses needed.