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CV inner hub refuses to come out of transmission

That would work.

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Sorry about that, it won’t happen again. Yes talk to text, I usually keep a close eye on it sometimes I don’t I’ll be more careful to about that.

Brain stem injury from desert shield in 1991… I not sure how I got things messed up here I just want gone. M o override something get it out of there I don’t see three dots the mile-long yet I don’t know what I’m doing stress triggeredt[confusion… help me out here in my it… I should never to try t[ mingle

Don’t worry about it, going of cars is not unusual, but getting back to them before Caroline warns us is a good thing.

I sympathize with OP quite a bit. Wished there was some way I could help but a few things are up in the air right now with health issues. The OP says they are in Greenville, TX which makes it a bit less than 300 miles as the crow flies from where I live. Been batting the idea around about going to see my sister in Fort Worth so Greenville ain’t that far away from Dallas. Who knows…if this doesn’t get done soon maybe I’ll throw some tools and BFHs in the truck on the way down. I’ve been known to make a road trip repair now and then.

My son called me this morning from UT and it ain’t gonna get any cooler. He said for my neck of the woods next weekend a 114 on Saturday. Might need to place a rack of ribs under the windshield…

I got it out guys I got mad at Volvo and cancelled my account… trying to get re-establish now. My email is

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So how’d you finally get that sucker out . . . ?!

Technique . . . ?!

Brute force . . . ?!

Good to hear. Glad that it is done. Did the clip come out with it? in one piece?

@ok4450, got the first eye done yesterday, I am impressed with the results.

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Congrats on finally separating that thing. What a PITA.

Also congrats to keith on the eye. I can finally identify nut and bolt sizes/thread pitches again with the naked eye.

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