Chevy cavelier

I have a 2000 cavelier that is humming pretty bad from the left side. When I turn right it goes away. I have changed the front hubs before and it had fixed the problem. This time I changed them both and the shoes I got about thirty miles without any humming issues and then it came back but worse. I assumed that I had recieved a bad hub from the parts store so I bought another one and replaced it again but this time the humming didnt go away at all. Could it be something in the axle? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Yup, it could be something in the axle. Namely, the CV joint. That would require a new half-shaft (axle).

Th eaxle rides on the bearing in the hub, but it contains two constant velocity joints as well. The outer joint is sort of like a ball & socket with grooves on both and sma;; balls that ride in the slots. This arrangement allows the joint to bend while still transmitting torque.