Cv driveaxle f150 f-150 '99 four wheel drive

driveaxle replacement, should you do it yourself? this is for a four wheel drive ford f150. my cv boot had a small hole, only about 1/8 inch and had been spewing grease for a while. it seems difficult to tell though if it really is a bad joint though. i would encourage people to take on this job, these things are really made to be replaced.i didnt get an estimate on this job but i imagine there is significant savings to be made here, at least 200 usd. the only thing special that you need is a large socket and ratchet for the axle nut, and a puller set, these are both available for rental at the parts store.

Did you replace the entire axle or just the boot?

replaced the whole axle, drivers ‘left’ side. the outer cv joint on these axles are non rebuildable according to the manual, and by the time you notice grease slinging out its probably too late.