Cv boot twisted and mishapen? why did this happen?

i had a cut on my cv joint on passenger side so i got whole half of that axle replaced. now when i check underneath i see this on the drivers side. why did this happen?

While I certainly can’t explain what happened, I can say that, unlike many mystifying problems cars develop, this one clearly needs repair now.

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I’d guess whoever installed it did not clamp the inner part properly.

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i had the passenger side axle replaced because there was a cut over there on the cv boot. what you see in pic is on drivers side. when i got my car back from mechanic both sides looked fine. whats weird is that it looks like this today. the car was fixed yesterday and looked fine when i got it back. so in a matter of a day the cv boot on drivers side ended up like this.

Using a pliers, slide this clamp off. Rotate the bellows until straight and install clamp. The clamp should have been loosened before the toe was adjusted.

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to nevada. that is the driver side boot. i had a slash on passenger side boot and it was fixed by mechanic yesterday. are you saying the mechanic touched the driver side? the driver side boot was fine so he was supposed to have left it alone.

Inner or outer axle boot?


The rack and pinion bellows are twisted, did your mechanic adjust the toe or perform a wheel alignment?

The CV boot is here:

nevada i only brought the car in cause there was a slash on the passenger side cv boot. he said they dont replace just boots anymore he said they replace whole axle and in this case just the half since the slash was on passenger side cv boot. i did not ask for anything else and at this point my question to you is whether he touched or messed with the driver side to cause what you see in the pic.

Some vehicles require a steering-toe adjustment after suspension disassembly to replace an axle assembly. Toe adjustment may be necessary on both sides. I don’t know what process was required for your car. Also, the steering bellows may have been twisted before the axle was replaced, you have been looking at the CV boots.

nevada i went to mechanic and told him i would stop by this weekend so he only heard me talking didnt directly see the issue.

he told me there were no issues with cv boot on driver side and he already looked.

so i mistook the rack and pinion boot as cv boot and told him the wrong information.

he is assuming he already has the part for my repair this weekend. is rack and pinion boot fix significantly more expensive? do i need to tell him its the rack and pinion boot before showing up?

there is no leak but i see and feel a crack on the rubber.

what happens if i dont fix this?

After loosening the clamp, the bellows can be rotated until straight. Looks like a small crack in the bellows but if there is no leak for dirt or water to enter, there is nothing to worry about. The crack may have occurred because the bellows have been twisted for a long time.

nevada i took the pic lying down on asphalt with my head towards rear of car right next to the driver side front wheel with my hand extended to take that pic. as you can see from the pic i cannot see where the clamp is closed. i dont have a car lift i took that pic lying down next to the car.

do you have suggestions on how to do this? i cannot see the place where the clamp opens under my circumstances.

and based on what you wrote i think the blame goes to the mechanic for this happening.

This probably go twisted during the last wheel alignment, do you know when that was? If you don’t know if the steering was adjusted after the repair, you can’t blame your mechanic.

Your mechanic can straighten the bellows, you would have a difficulty reaching this while on the ground.

thank you for the explanation nevada. i went and talked to mechanic this morning he literally lives right next to his shop. i said i will bring it in saturday he agreed to fix or straighten the boot.