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Acceleration issue

Every few days, after I’ve stopped at a traffic light, nothing happens when I press the gas pedal. It always startles me, so I ease off the pedal, press again & off we go. No odd noises, no lurching, just no acceleration. I’m afraid the car behind me will hit me. My mechanic has replaced the fuel filter twice in the last 9 months, but this is obviously not the problem. New fuel filter was put in 5 days ago.

Have your accelerator pedal position sensor checked.

What you described certainly sounds like a Throttle Position Sensor that is failing and needs to be replaced. If your mechanic changed your fuel filter twice in the past 9 months, I recommend that you also replace him.

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Does the engine rev when you push the gas pedal? Or does nothing happen at all?

If the engine revs but you don’t move, I’d suspect the transmission.

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