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Mazda 3 2014 engine problem and warranty

I was hoping the community can shine some light onto this issue I am having. I bought a brand new Mazda 3 2014 S touring sedan in April of 2014. About 25k miles into the car, the engine lost all of its engine oil and failed. It was not able to be salvaged so it still being under the warranty, Mazda replaced the whole engine with a new one. Now I am at around 77000k miles into it. The engine just shut off while I was driving into a drive way and the engine warning light is on. The car was able to be started back up right way and I took it to a dealership immediately after work.
Am I responsible for the repair cost? I drove less than 60k miles since the new engine was installed so shouldnt it still be under the warranty?

I’m pretty sure that the warranty coverage is from when you bought the car, not when they replaced the engine. They may help you out with a ‘goodwill’ effort.

I would say yes you are. The manual will tell you what the warranty period is in miles or months which ever comes first. Also not all things are covered by warranty so until the problem is known all that can be done is make guesses.

Stuff wears out, stuff breaks, engines stop running. You put 60K on the engine, it is on your nickle, Mazda doesn’t own any little engine problems that might occur forever.

Yep, anytime anything I have had under warranty, the same time period holds from the original time period, so I think you are out of luck. How bad could it be though? There should be a code stored and likely some sensor failed like the crank sensor or something. Just have it repaired. (Unless of course, they stipulated something else. Sometimes when you pay to have a part replaced, they will give you a new warranty but don’t think so.)

I presume your new car powertrain warranty lasts 60K miles, and while your car has more than 60K miles, the replacement engine doesn’t. hmmm… well that’s a tough one. It will depend on the new car warranty and the engine replacement warranty wording. From the comments I hear at this forum, replacement engines tend to warranted for 6-12K miles, and 6 months to a year. Brand new engines with brand new parts built by the car manufacturer may be warranted longer than that, don’t know. My guess is your replacement engine warranty expired when the new car warranty expired. No harm asking however the dealership and the Mazda Corporation customer liaison. You might get some relief, who knows? Worse case, you got a car that has a very good reliability rating w/77K miles on it , and it’s now got some kind of problem. As long as you’ve kept the routine maintenance up to date & the fluids topped off consistently, most likely the problem won’t be overly costly to fix.

You were lucky they replaced the engine at 25000 miles. Engines that have been run out of oil generally are not covered by warranty unless it can be shown that oil loss was sudden and catastrophic. As the owner you are responsible for checking the oil.

The powertrain warranty was not extended because of the engine replacement so the warranty ended as is shown in your warranty booklet.

The cause of the engine stalling likely has nothing to do with the replacement of the engine, you will have to pay for the repairs on this car since the warranty has expired.

You’re out of luck. Should it be assumed that you never, ever raise the hood and check the motor oil level?

If the original engine was run out of oil because you neglected to check the oil level on a regular basis then I’m surprised they did anything for you the first time.

Warranty repairs do not reset the warranty period. I had a 34 month old Honda Pilot at the dealership for an oil change. The left the door open and the interior lights killed the battery. The installed a new battery under warranty, with a sticker that read, “10 year warranty”. My warranty was 2 months, because I didn’t pay for the battery

Most of them run for 90k miles, IIRC, but Hyundai and Kia have longer powertrain warranties than most companies. I would be very surprised if Mazda’s Powertrain Warranty runs for less than 90k miles.

You don’t know yet what the new problem is. It could be a reasonable issue, not a nightmare. Before you despair, try asking the dealer for help once a diagnosis is given. If that does not work, don’t get negative at that point. Try Mazda’s customer service network if the cost is very high. Let us know how things proceed.

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From somewhere: The Powertrain Limited Warranty period for defects in materials and workmanship in the powertrain components supplied by Mazda 3 is 60 months or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This limited warranty is transferable during the warranty period on all new Mazda vehicles sold and serviced in the United States.

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As a Mazda owner I can tell you that the warranty is 3/36 bumper to bumper and 6/60 on the powertrain. The new engine would be covered under the 6/60 but not beyond.

If you did all your maintenance at the dealer and were diligent in making sure all services have been done at the proper mileage, you will probably get some relief from Mazda on a goodwill basis. If you did not do all of the required maintenance, or you went to a local garage or “quickie lube” for all of your maintenance, be prepared to get zero relief from Mazda.

When my Mazda 6 had a transmission failure at 125,000 miles Mazda helped me out and my cost dropped from $5,500 to $1,500. I service my car at the dealer religiously and according to the manufacturer requirements laid out in the manual. Mazda could see that by looking up my maintenance history so I was able to obtain relief even though I was very far out of warranty. It probably didn’t hurt that there was a TSB for a known transmission defect…

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