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Crysler minivan 1998-00

My brother wants to give me his used minivan in exchange for my “old” truck. The problem is I am unemployed and heard the Chrysler transmission give out after 79000, is this true? I have maintained an kept my truck running no matter what anyone thinks aobut it - it has saved my life more than once and I mean SAVED my life. I’m not ready to turn her over just for something new that’ss going to break down and cost me money I can afford when the repairs on my truck are under $200. What do you recommend? I don’t think he’lllet me keep the truck and the van becasue his attitude is leverage for me to get rid of it.

Let us know what the truck is,if it is anything but a LUV truck or a older ISUZU I would say no. Give a description on the mini van. He really wants to give you the mini just so you will dump the truck? I have a 65 GMC my sister refuses to let me transport her children in it (I installed seat belts,but she says no way).

Per Consumer Reports, 98 & 99 are average at best. 00 worse than average overall. Transmission much worse than average for all three model years.

It’s a 71 3/4 Doge Camper Special w/ original paint and I rebuilt the engine myself 08’ in 3 days. I’m a grease monkey/warrior princess/high tech geek/ allround athlete/ … My truck means everything to me and it’s my back up when things go wrong. I think the minivan is Caravan or town & country not sure been in it a couple times, very nice power everything and I know it would be good for us I’m just not willing to give up my $900 trade I could pay him the cash he would get for the write off…pic not quite as pretty today, but still kicking!

Keep the truck. Get rid of the brother…

I’m sure it has over 100000mi. They drive to Bend and Eugene and stqay at home/taxi mom van. I know they take very good care of what they own though too.

My personal opinion is that the trans will catch up to you, anyway. Statistically, for the tranny, those were some of the worst years for Chrysler extended vans.

If it hasn’t needed trans work so far, I would think it may be due, on your dime.

What he said. Your brother is nuts - ok scratch that - maybe your brother is smart b/c he’s trying to weasel this truck out of you.

Tell him no and move to a different subject,or you can explain you want nothing to do with a transmission plagued model. Your truck looks very good,I know mine has provided temporary shelter for me,if thats what you mean “saved your life”

My ex-wife was a “warrior princess” (Army Major) She was very attached to her truck,she did let me work on it,bless her heart.

I want you to know that your truck is what a truck is supposed to be. In fact, it is worth so much more than that minivan that a trade is out of the question unless he wants to give you $15,000 to go with the deal. I have no idea of the cash value of your truck, but if I owned it, I would keep it. No Deal! I drive a 2002 GMC Sierra,4WD. Your truck could be lunch money; the minivan is lunch meat. More like mystery meat.

Most transmissions that give up have not had their transmission fluid replaced until after the owner recognized that there might be a problem. at 79,000 miles it should have had at least one fluid change and be ready for the second. I’d bet it has had none or if it has had one, it was in the last 3,000 miles.

Drive what you like.