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Cruise does it work?

On my 2002 Kia sedona mini van my CC has stopped working. How do they work and what should I look at as reasons why it just stopped? I just had all the belts replaced and crank shaft sensor replaced, could any of that have played a role?

The CC system when you turn it on references itself to the Vehicle Speed Sensor output. If the VSS signla drops indicating a loss of speed, the ECU responds by causing the throttle plate to open a bit. On a 2002 Kia it probably does this mechanically, with a “motor” in the middle of the throttle cable. On a newer car that uses a “throttle by wire” system, the “motor” will be right in (attached to) the throttle assembly itself. It’d be the same “motor” that opens the throttle assembly in response to the electrical signal generated by the accelerator pedal assembly.

Get out your owners manual and find the section that discusses fuses. Figure out which fuse is for the cruise control, and pull it. Check to see if it’s blown.

Seems like you’re having a lot of problems with the car all of a sudden.

Have you checked the fuse for the CC? That’s the first thing to do. Also make sure all the brake lights are working.

Make sure all the brake lights are working. A burned out bulb disabled the cruise control on my 93 Chevy.

Ed B.

Well a van with 140.000 miles is going to have some issues, I will check the fuses this weekend.