Cruise control at 35, breaking downhill shuts off engine

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I drive a 2005 Ford Explorer (automatic) with 84k miles on it. Recently when I was driving on cruise control at 35 mp/h down a hill and applied the breaks to make a turn, the engine completely shut off. The lights came on, the power steering went off, the engine had shut off. I pulled over, turned the key off, turned it back on and it started no problem. I drove it for 3 days without problems (and without using cruise control of course), then I took the car to a shop. They ran diagnostics on it, test drove it, but couldn’t find anything wrong with the cruise control or the transmission. I don’t think they tested this driving downhill as the shop is not in a hilly area. Tonight, I went down the same road again, 35 mp/h in cruise control, slowed down for the same turn, and the engine shut off again exactly the same way it did before.

Does anyone here know what this could be?

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That sounds like it could be a battery cable or a grounding problem to me.  Make sure all ends of all battery cables have been cleaned and re-attached properly.

i would want to connect a scanner to the OBD system and monitor the system while this happens and see what gives. maybe a TP sensor?, vacuum leak?
let us know

I agree with the others. I think the cruise control is a red herring. Engine shut downs like yours are generally due to drop in spark or a loss of vacuum.

One more thing: I’ve had cars that the manufacturer recommended against driving under 45 MPH with the cruise control engaged. Check your owner’s manual to see if Ford has a similar recommendation, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for your reply, Joseph! I will check the battery cables and the vacuum stuff the other guys talk about. I’ll post what was wrong when it’s been fixed.
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Thanks Jim, I will check into this and let you know once it’s fixed. I see these posts are posted publicly, so I’ll save myself two more replies by thanking everyone who replied.

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The very first thing that came to mind was the battery…is it strapped down or is she sloshing around under the hood?