Cruice control does not work on 1999 dodge durango

What else can I say, I bought this car used and now I find out the cruice controld does not light up or work, I just had the transmission rebuilt should that have been fixed as well? I will try to call the car guys this saturday…that will be fun

Since you aren’t even getting a power light indication I suggest you check the fuse for the CC system. You should think about getting a service manual for the vehicle also if you can work on problems like this yourself. It will save you time and money over the years.

Check to make sure all the brake lights work. If there’s a burned out filiment in one of the brake light bulbs the cruise control won’t operate. Also try lifting up on the brake pedal with your toe when trying to engage the cruise control. If works when doing this, suspect the brake light/interlock/cruise disengagement switch to be out of adjustment or defective.


the cruice green light will come on when I am in park, but very briefly, never when driving. I will check my brake lights. Since the light does come on I can eliminate the fuse, or should I still check. Thank you for your help. I am between this 1999 dodge durango and a 2001 beetle, at this point I am not sure which car will give me the least problems.

any advice?

My first suggestion is to go to enter your VIN# and find out if your vehicle is covered under the clock spring recall. The clock spring is the gateway for power from the column to those fancy switches on the steering wheel and the airbag.

thank you Michael I will try that today. Betty