Crossbar repair costs?

The front crossbar on my 2000 Plymouth Neon is badly cracked (I saw it, it’s definitely true!). I was told it would be about $460 for a new crossbar and other necessary parts, and another $400 for 6 hours of labor. Does that sound reasonable to any of you who are more experienced? Thank you!

If the cross bar is cracked, ask if it can be welded closed.


Are you talking about the bumper reinforcement bar or the upper tie bar on the radiator support.

Sorry, I have no idea what those are. :frowning: It’s a big bar that seems to connect the two front wheels–but it’s not the axle. I don’t think it has anything to do with the bumper.

I don’t know what a cross bar is but if you have a bar connecting the front wheels that is cracked, better replace it NOW. I would NEVER GIVE SOMEONE $860 TO FIX IT.

It sounds as if you are describing either a sway bar or the steering rack with tie rods that help steer the car.

A picture would help.