DodgeNeon2000 Shifter Cabler Estimate

I’m having Dodge Neon 2000 manual transmission.
Suddenly the reverse gear stopped working (others working).
I got it towed to my regular mechanic (used to charge comparatively lower than other local shops) and he said one of the shifter cable is broken and other one is stretched. To replace them, the cable cost would be~$330, labour: ~$200, total with tax would be $600.
Is this a reasonable repair cost?
Is it worth it? (It’s an old car and recenlty I’ve been spending a lot on this).

Any thoughts & assistance very much appreciated.

Were you able to verify that the cable was broken. My Dodge Neon would not go into reverse the local garage wanted over $400 to replace the shifter cables. It turned out that the shifer cable end bushings were missing on the end under the hood (had worn away and fallen out). I found shifer cable end bushings online from Booger Racing along with video on how to easily replace myself for less than $30. Car now goes into reverse and shifting has never been smoother.