Winter Cross Country

I am going to be driving cross country from OR to NC just after Christmas. I wonder if anyone has advice on the best route to take. I know its the worst time of year to do this. I also have to be there by Jan 2nd so my time is limited.

I’d suggest a set of 4 winter tires. My Civic with winter tires can handle just about anything winter throws at it. Fill the windshield washer with the best fluid you can get and keep some in the trunk to refill. I’d also put winter wiper blades on the car. With winter tires and the ability to see you should be fine unless you encounter a blizzard along the way.

As far a route, how far south would you be willing to go? Can you drive due south to San Diego and then head east? If you take a northern route can you adjust your departure date to avoid bad weather? Sometimes leaving a few days early can make a difference by catching a break in ol man winters storm pattern.

Driving in winter weather doesn’t scare me too much, I’m used to it. I just did a trip to the lake affect snow area of NY and dealt with lots of snow along the way in my Civic. If you really hate winter driving, go as far south as you can before heading east. At that time of year you could have ice and snow just about anywhere in the US.

Me, I’d stay with a more direct northern route. The states you drive through are used to dealing with snow and ice. They have the equipment and budgets to keep the roads open. Watch the weather channel and if you can be flexible in your schedule look to avoid any major storms along the way by leaving a few days early if needed.